Are Under Sink Water Filters Worth It

Under sink water filters are among the most popular types of water filter systems today. Chefs, homeowners and professionals who want to have a separate tap for their filtered water often choose these filters. But are under sink water filters worth it? How big of a solution is this device? Can you get your money’s worth on these items?

Bottled vs. Filtered Water

According to Australian Museum, a bottle of water costs $2.53 per litre, while tap water costs 1 cent. Each person needs to consume about 2 litres of water, so in a month, a person will consume about 60 litres. If you multiply 60 by $2.53, each month your bottled water expense is about $151.80. In 6 months you’re paying at least $910.80 to make sure you are drinking clean, pure water.

An undersink water filter unit plus installation service will cost about $220.00 to $500.00. If you add that with the total tap water consumption, in 6 months you’d only be paying about $227.20 to $507.20. You’d be able to save about $683.60 to $403.60. Imagine what other items you can buy with these amount of savings.

In addition to saving money, you can also reduce the plastic waste. About 7 billion plastic water bottles end up every year in landfills and in our oceans. Around 400,000 barrels of oil are also used to manufacture plastic water bottles. So installing an under sink water filter system is also environmentally beneficial.

Aside from lower drinking water cost, under sink water filters can give you peace of mind. You can confidently use filtered water for when you’re cooking, to fill your kettle or for making ice and more. With under sink filters you can make sure your kettle and coffee maker will have a longer lifespan because there are no limescale build up, sand, rust and other water particles that can ruin them.

An under sink water filter system can protect you and your family from all sorts of health problems that dirty water may cause. Aside from removing sediment, rust, sand and dirt, this type of water purifiers can also remove cysts including Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

An under sink water filtration system can improve your drinking experience. Many drinking water quality complaints are due to chlorine. As you may already know, chlorination is one of the treatment methods used to clean water. However, it leaves an odd taste and odour in your water. Under bench systems with 1 micron rating like the Plumm 400 series can remove chlorine, thereby making sure that you have clean, invigoratingly pure water.

Plumm has been manufacturing and providing water filters in Australia. Our under sink water filters are made from tough grade materials such as polypropylene for added durability and for longer lifespan. Our team at Plumm also utilise the latest manufacturing techniques and technology and test each product to make sure they meet the Australian quality standards.

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