Are Whole House Water Filters Worth It?

Are whole house water filters worth it? Your local supplier already makes sure that your tap water is safe to drink, so why bother having a filtration system installed in your home or office? Won’t it just cause you more expenses?

When deciding to get a water filtration system installed in your home, these are probably the most basic questions we ask ourselves. Here we will provide you with a number of reasons why it is often necessary to have a water filter system installed in your home.

Firstly, while it is true that your local supplier makes sure that your water is clean while in their treatment plants, the quality of your water will drop once it is distributed. Water from rivers and other catchment areas will go through treatment plants.

Chlorination, fluoridation, filtration and sedimentation are only a few of the processes utilised in these plants in order to kill bacteria and viruses, and hopefully remove any particle that may be dangerous to your health.

Now, there are a number of ways that affect the quality of water. Mostly, this happen once water is distributed to consumers. Pipelines which are more than 50 years old can become a breeding ground for algae and cyst. When water sits in these pipelines and at the right temperature, may pave way for bacteria and viruses to proliferate.

There are also other occurrences that can affect the quality of your tap water - some are natural, while others are caused by man. Repairs and maintenance of pipelines will not only disrupt a service, but will also temporarily affect the quality of your water.

This alone is enough to answer the question “are whole house water filters worth it”. However, there are lots of other reasons for having a filtration system installed in your home.

Whole house water filters can ensure that every tap of in your house has filtered water. The initial cost for having a whole house filtration system installed and the unit itself may be higher than going for under sink water filters, but in the long run, whole house filters are more economical than under bench filters.

An undersink water filter is fine if it's just the taste and odour you want to remove from drinking water. However, if you prefer to bathe, cook and clean with purified water, then a whole house filter really becomes an attractive option.

Chlorine is a common issue among tap water consumers. While chlorination is a very effective means to get rid of bacteria and viruses in water, it can also cause skin and eye irritation. Some people have allergic reactions when in contact with chlorine. Itchiness and rashes are only a few of the symptoms of this condition.

A whole house water filter system can make sure that your water doesn’t contain chlorine and fluoride, thereby preventing possible irritation and allergy.

Dirt, sand and rust are among the primary reasons why water-using appliances get broken. Build-up of dirt, sand, rust and even algae can shorten the lifespan of your washing machine or dishwasher. A whole house water filter system can help lengthen the lifespan of your appliances by preventing dirt and sand from causing premature wear.

If you're using bore water, you will often find taps wear out very quickly, due to the abrasive nature of sand in the water. In this situation, a quality whole house water filter will pay itself off very quickly!

If you are planning to harvest rainwater, then a system like the CH-T10-R or CH-T20-R whole home water filtration system will be a suitable solution. These water filters can make sure that your water is refreshing and clean and provide enough flow rate to ensure enough water pressure in each tap.

Plumm is one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of water filters in Australia. Our whole house water filters are built for heavy duty performance and longer lifespan. Our team at Plumm only use high grade materials like polypropylene and stainless steel to ensure optimum durability. Our filters also go through quality assurance to make sure they meet the standards and are working perfectly.

Don’t know which whole house water filter will suit your needs? This blog post may help. If you have more questions, please give us a call at 1300 250 260 or ask us via email or chat. Our customer service staff will be happy to help you with your queries and help you choose which whole house filter is best for you.

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