What’s the Best Water Filter System for Renters?

Are you looking for the best water filter system for renters? Many people rent houses or apartments due to different circumstances or choices. While some people prefer rentals, others are saving up to buy a home. And some people rent a house or apartment because of their work.

Whatever the reason may be for renting apartments or houses, one of the most important considerations is water. As you may already know, water is a primary need that’s as important as food and shelter. But raw water may contain particles, bacteria and viruses that are harmful to your health.

In order to make sure that consumers have clean, pure drinkable water, tap water suppliers utilise a variety of treatment methods. Filtration, sedimentation, pH adjustment and chlorination are only a few of the treatments that remove various contaminants in drinking water.

But there are numerous occasions where tap water quality diminishes including in times of floods and other natural disasters. With this in mind, the only logical solution is to have a water filter system installed in your home.

But while water filters are great for homeowners, the same cannot be said for those living in rental houses and apartments. There’s always a chance that you’re going to relocate either to a permanent dwelling or to another rental. And you probably can’t fit a filter through the bench without some implications when it comes time to move out.

So, what’s the best water filter system for renters?

Well, you can always try portable filters. But some of these filtration systems need to be replaced every 30 days. In the long run, you’d have massive expenses. And since most of them are made from plastic, they end up in landfills, which is not environmentally-friendly. The other thing is, they can be very ugly, and take up valuable bench space - very annoying!

Whole house water filters are not a great idea for rental properties either - you’d have to get a plumber along to install and remove this type of water filters successfully, and chances are the landlord wouldn’t be too impressed.

A removable under sink water filters is probably the best water filter system for renters. Systems like the Plumm MF-400 undersink water filter are easy to install and remove, thus allowing you to take them for when your rental is over or if you need to relocate. If there’s a component that you can’t remove, like the flex hose, you can easily find a replacement online or at your local store.

With a 1 micron rating, this system can remove all sorts of water particles such as sand, dirt, rust and sediments. This filtration system can also remove algae and cysts such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

Another great feature of this under bench filter is that it can improve the taste and odour of your tap water. This model of water filter systems can remove chlorine, which one of the chemicals and substances responsible for leaving foul taste and odour on water.

The MF-400 undersink water filter also requires less maintenance. It will take many months before you need to change its filter cartridge, depending on the quality of your tap water. It is also a plug and play system. After installation, you only need to let the water run for a few minutes and you can start drinking from your filter tap.

Our Plumm MF-400 under bench filtration system is made high grade materials such as polypropylene to make them more durable. Our team at Plumm also employed the latest manufacturing techniques and tools to ensure optimum performance. These systems also undergo quality assurance in order to make sure that they meet Australian standards.

The beauty of this system is that all you need to do is disconnect the cold water line under the sink, and add the Plumm MF-400 filter system between that line and the min-stop on the wall.  This gives you high flow, filtered water from your existing tap!

You can order our MF-400 under sink water filter system or our other models of under sink systems from our 24/7 online ordering portal to experience fast, safe and hassle-free transactions. All online orders before 1PM EST are despatched immediately from the nearest warehouse to our clients.

If you are still need to know more about under bench water filters, here’s a blog post that will help. You may also contact us via chat app, email or call us at 1300 250 260. Our customer service staffs will be more than happy to help you choose the best water filter system for renters.

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