Chlorine in Drinking Water

Why is there chlorine in drinking water? What are the benefits of chlorinated drinking water? What are the negative effects of chlorine? Do the positive effects of chlorine overweight its negative effects?

Having safe drinking water is very important to our health and well-being. Untreated water from streams, bores, dams and rain may contain harmful microorganisms such as Escherichia coli (popularly known as E.coli), which can cause a variety of illnesses or may sometimes result in death.

Why use chlorine in drinking water?

Chlorine has been used to disinfect drinking water for more than a century. In 1849, Dr John Snow suggested that disease could be transmitted by drinking water: after which, numerous methods have been used to make sure that drinking water is safe and clean.

In 1910, chlorination was proposed as a means of purifying water. And since then, it has become a popular method to safely control numerous water borne diseases including cholera and dysentery. Many health agencies such as the Western Australia Department of Health have endorsed chlorination as a safe and effective way to disinfect water.

How much Chlorine is in your Drinking Water?

According to a report by World Health Organization and as stated in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, the suitable amount of chlorine concentration of water must not exceed 5 mg/Litre. Most Australian tap water suppliers noted that normal chlorine concentrations in their tap water range from 0.5 to 1.5 mg per litre. However, this usually varies depending on the flow rate of water. In some cases, this amount may increase.

Chlorine Taste and Smell in Drinking Water

At about 0.6 mg/litre, you will be able to detect the smell of chlorine in drinking water. There are even some people who can detect the smell of chlorine in 0.2 mg/litre concentration. While there are no definitive studies about chlorine taste in water, at 0.6 mg/litre and above, a person will be able to detect the taste of chlorine in their drinking water.

Health Risks of Chlorine in Drinking Water

World Health Organization reported that asthma as well as dermatitis can be triggered due to exposure to chlorinated water. It also stated that exposure to 0.2 to 1.0 mg/litre may result in higher serum cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein. It also stated calcium and chlorine in drinking water can also increase the levels of cholesterol/HDL (high-density lipoprotein) ratio; thus, increasing a person’s risks of having a stroke or heart attack.

Prolonged exposure to chlorinated water may also increase the risk of bladder cancer. However, this claim is still being refuted by the Cancer Council of Western Australia, stating that there is no definitive evidence for such a claim.

Addressing the Chlorine Taste and Smell in your Drinking Water

While it is not definite that chlorine can pose health risks, its smell and taste can be quite unpleasant for most people. One of the most effective ways to deal with the taste and odour of chlorine in drinking water is by using water filters.

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