Polyspun Graded Depth Cartridge, standard 10”, 20 micron

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Our Plumm DE20-10S Sediment Water Filter Cartridge was built with four purposes in mind; superior performance, durability and cost-effectiveness. DE20-10S, like our other DE models is designed to turn mains water into clean, safe drinking water.

The Plumm DE20-10S is made from high-grade polypropylene for superior performance. This cartridge can protect homes from dirt build up. It removes dirt, rust, sediment and silt down to 20 micron. It doesn’t impart taste, odour or even colour in your mains water supply, so you can enjoy fresh drinking water together with your family, friends or officemates.

This moderl of sediment filter cartridges is graded, so its outside layer is coarser and gets finer as you get to the inner part. This design ensures larger sediment holding capacity, longer lifespan, higher flow rates and less filter change requirements.

Our team of experts has designed the Plumm DE20-10S Sediment Water Filter Cartridge to withstand pressures around 99 to 880 kPa (kilopascal) and it’s able to operate at temperatures ranging 0 to 57 degrees Celsius. This 20 micron Polyspun Graded Depth Cartridge has a standard size of 10” by 2.5” and has a maximum flow of 35 Lpm (litres per minute).

Another advantage of the Plumm DE20-10S is that it’s designed to suit most filter brands. This way, you are not tied up to a particular brand of cartridge for your existing water filter system.

Plumm Water has also partnered with certified plumbers all over Australia, so rest assured, you can find a local plumber where you can find the best deals for water filter systems and who can install these water filter cartridges for you.

Buy your Plumm DE20-10S water filter cartridge online and experience fast, hassle-free and safe transaction. Plus if your order is over $50, we’ll deliver your cartridge for free. All orders placed by 1PM AEST are dispatched the same day; delivery will occur next day for some metro locations, and up to 4 days for regional locations.

For more information about the Plumm DE20-10S sediment water filter cartridge and our water filters, please feel free to give us a quick call at 1300 250 260, chat with our customer support staff or contact us via email.


  • 20 Micron
  • Size: 10 inches x 2.5 inches
  • Min/Max Temperature: 0-57 degrees Celsius
  • Min/Max Pressure: 99-880 kPa (kilopascal)
  • Min/Max Flow: 0-35 Lpm
  • Popular application: Mains water
  • Full carton quantity: 50 pcs


  • Sydney metro - overnight​
  • ACT, Rural NSW - two days​
  • VIC, QLD, SA - two days​
  • WA,NT, TAS - three to four days

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