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Being a manufacturer of water filtration - not just a reseller - we get a lot of questions. Here's a few of the most common. If you have further questions, we'd love to hear from you, so please contact us here!



Tap water in Australia is relatively clean. However, with aging and damaged pipelines, residents sometimes experience cloudy or milky tap water with unpleasant smell and taste.

The best way to know if your water is clean is by having it tested by a professional.

To take advantage of the latest technologies and ensure our clients have access to the best materials, we manufacture wherever we can ensure consistent high quality at a competitive price. This includes countries such as America, along with Australia. and other leading manufacturing countries.

Plumm is committed to providing premium grade water filtration systems, cartridges and components. We only use the best ingredients, equipment and techniques to make sure our products are up to standards. We have also created a program to help our customers get exactly what they need and help our partner plumbers get more work.

Yes, our products have class-leading warranties. Please refer to our pages for warranty durations.

Activated carbon is a highly absorbent carbonaceous medium, containing a complex structure composed mainly of carbon atoms. It is manufactured mainly from coconut shell, but can also be manufactured from coal, peat, olive pits and other carbonaceous materials. Activated carbons are especially effective in removing impurities from liquid and gas, through a process called adsorption. Plumm SV-series only use coconut-based carbon (which costs us more, but we believe you're worth it!)

Backwashing is a process where water flow is being reversed in order to unclog the dirt and other particles that block the water filter cartridge. This process is typically done on coarse 'pre-filter' units, which are filtering high volumes of water. It is not recommended for under sink filtration systems.

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It is good practice to flush out a new filter of any brand, particularly if it contains carbon.

If you use a reputable partner plumber, they will flush the filter for you and you can start collecting drinking water immediately after they have finished.

It depends upon your floor area and your needs. We recommend that you contact us or your partner plumber in your area to get the best advice and deals on water filter systems.

Water filters are mainly used to filter out water particles that can cause health issues. They are also designed to improve the taste and smell of water, while some are made to kill bacteria and viruses that can lead to cholera and other water-related illnesses.

Water filters should generally be installed on the discharge side of the pump. When it comes to pumps, we recommend you use a larger capacity system than for mains water, in order to maintain good flow rates. It is not usually practical to fit a filter directly to the pump, and it could lead to strain on the pump fittings.

Unless there is a specific hazard or the water is of unknown quality there's no need to boil water after filtering it with a water filtration system.

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Yes, our under sink water filters can also improve the smell and taste of your drinking water.

If a suitable filter is installed prior to the 400-series, this can be used with rainwater, however due to the high level of organic matter usually present in rainwater, we do not recommend it.

If you want to filter bore water, we recommend that you use TW1-400 under sink water filter system, which is designed to filter bore water.

It depends on the model, water condition, any disturbance to pipework, level of chlorine, amount of water being used etc.

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We have CH-T10-R and CH-T20-R whole house filtration systems, which are designed to filter bore water.

Yes, our CH-T10-R and CH-T20-R whole house water filtration systems are specifically designed to filter rainwater.

In most mains water situations, a plumber is legally required. Whilst you may be physically able to do this, we strongly recommend installation by our partner plumber.

Our water filters mainly remove impurities and improve the smell and taste of your water. So if you suspect that your water is hard, we recommend you use a water softener.

If you only want to filter water on your kitchen tap, it is best to get an undersink water filter. However, if your intention is to get filtered water in multiple taps, then a whole house water filtration system will suit your needs.

The flow rate will depend upon how big your house is. We highly recommend you visit our partner plumber to be able to choose the most compatible whole house water filter for your home.

Generally whole house systems can range from the low hundreds to the low thousands. What is very important is to ensure your selected system is WaterMark approved.

Please refer to each whole house water filtration systems' page for product inclusions.

Max period 12 months; depending on all the variables (rain vs mains, water quality, chlorine levels, etc)

We recommend changing your UV lamp every 12 months, since the ability of the lamp to emit UV lamp decreases over a period of time. UV light is invisible to light, so, even if the lamp is still emitting light, it doesn’t mean it is UV light that’s purifying your water.

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Most filter cartridges need to be replaced every 6 months. However, in some areas where water is full of dirt and other particles, you may need to change cartridges more often. Generally, the maximum hygienic life of a filter cartridge is 12 months

The type of cartridge you need will depend upon what issue you would like to address. If you want to remove sediment, then our sediment filter cartridges are ideal for you. You can choose between 0.5, 1, 5, 10 and 20 microns. If you are having problems with the smell and taste of your water, we have silver impregnated cartridges or taste and odour filter cartridges that will address this issue for you.

Typically our cartridges produce far less carbon fines than other cartridges, and only when new.

Water filter cartridges utilises various filter diameters to filter out different particles and is combined into a unit called water filter system. On the other hand, a bag filter is a fabric filter, which is just like a coffee filter. It filters out solids while allowing water to flow through it and into the water stream.


Water softeners remove iron, calcium carbonate and other mineral contents from water sources, making your water soft and non-scaling.

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Online orders placed before 1PM AEST are dispatched the same day; delivery will occur next day for some metro locations, and up to 4 days for regional locations.

Average delivery times:

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  • Melbourne metro - overnight
  • ACT, Rural NSW - two days​
  • VIC, QLD, SA - two days​
  • WA, NT, TAS - three to four days

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