Why You Need a Kitchen Sink Water Filter

Mains water suppliers in Australia follow strict drinking water quality guidelines, in order to ensure that residents’ drinking water is clean. Thus, there are some people who think that installing kitchen sink water filters is not very important. This article will provide an insight as to the reasons why you need to install a water filter and the benefits that this device can provide you.


Tap water in Australia undergoes treatment in order to get rid of sediment, rust and other water particles. Most water-borne bacteria and viruses are also eliminated due to these treatments. The quality of water is usually checked before it passes through to its consumers.


While water pipes are regularly checked and maintained within water treatment plants, it becomes a different story when it comes to water pipes going to residential, school and other consumer infrastructures. Some water pipes in Australia are over 100 years old, thus they are prone to damage which can affect the quality of your drinking water.


Aging and damaged pipelines also becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses including E.coli. In fact, in September 27, 2017, The Courier Mail reported that Roma, Queensland residents were advised to boil their water because their reservoir had been contaminated by E. coli.


Aside from bacteria, cysts such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium are also a major cause for concern. These cysts can cause intestinal illnesses with mild symptoms which are unnoticeable. Nevertheless, in some cases, abdominal cramps, weight loss and nausea may be experienced.


Addressing Drinking Water Concerns with a Kitchen Sink Water Filter


Water filters provide a great solution to drinking water problems. You can either get a whole house water filter system or an under sink water filter, which is also called kitchen sink water filter. If possible, it's generally a good idea to install a whole house water filter, however as a minimum a kitchen sink water filter will give you purified water for cooking and drinking.


Kitchen sink filters such as the Plumm DT-400 under sink water filter system, provide a cost-effective means to ensure you’re getting clean, refreshing drinking water from your kitchen tap. A family of 4 can probably pay these units off in approximately 3 months.


Under sink water filters like the DT-400, often have 1 micron rating. This rating allows such filters to eliminate cysts, bacteria and viruses including Giardia, Cryptosporidium and E. coli. These under bench water filters are also able to remove water particles like limescale, dust, sand and dirt.


If you are still undecided with what water filter system will meet your needs, give us a quick call at 1300 250 260. You may also send us an email or chat with our customer support staff. We will be happy to assist you with any of your needs.

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