Turn your mixer tap into a filtered water mixer tap

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The Plumm MF-400 undersink water filter provides a fast flow solution for people who require an under sink water filter system for all their cold water kitchen needs. This filter system was designed to ensure maximum performance and durability.

Instead of requiring a separate tap for your filtered water, this filtration system simply and easily converts your existing mixer tap or ‘flick mixer’ to filter all the cold water.  This is very popular where you wish to avoid an additional tap on the bench for aesthetic or practical reasons. It also makes installation easier and more economical.

Our Plumm MF-400 undersink water filter removes unwanted particles such as dirt, rust, sand and silt down to 1 micron. This system can also reduce chlorine taste and odour, leaving you with clean, refreshing, pure water - ideal for drinking! The 400 series is also rated to reduce cysts, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium, because our customer’s health is imperative to us.

If your area traditionally has ‘hard’ water which tends to result in scale buildups in kettles and other appliances, you will be relieved to know the Plumm MF-400 undersink water filter system incorporates a scale inhibitor, designed to reduce limescale buildup.

Our inline fitlration system has a capacity of up to 38,000 litres and provides a maximum flow of 10 Lpm (Litres per minute). Designed to operate in temperatures ranging 2 to 58 degrees Celsius, this system is also able to withstand pressures ranging from 200 to 680 kPa (kilopascal).

If you're using rainwater, we strongly recommend the use of a prefilter such as the Plumm WP01-10S washable water filter cartridge to reduce the organic sediments, which are prevalent in most rainwater systems. It is also important to use a good quality household pressure pump to ensure good flow rates.

Like our Plumm TW1-400 under sink water filtration system, the Plumm MF-400 under sink water filter system comes with cartridge assembly, a backflow valve, pressure limiting valve and 2 cold braided stainless steel pex hoses, which are far more heavy duty than rubber hoses.

Buy your Plumm MF-400 or our other under sink water filter systems at our online store to enjoy fast, easy and safe transactions with free delivery on orders over $50. You may use your credit card, debit card, PayPal and AfterPay account to purchase Plumm water filters. All orders of these water filters online are traceable and all orders placed by 1PM AEST are dispatched the same day; delivery will occur next day for some metro locations, and up to 4 days for regional locations.

Plumm also has partnered with certified plumbers from all over Australia. You can buy our products from our partner plumbers in your area or ask them to help you pick out the most compatible filter system for your home.  Plumm Partner Plumbers are qualified to carry out installation of Plumm under sink water filters, and you deal with them directly.

This model of water filters isn’t just for homeowners - it’s also ideal for tenants who wish to drink refreshing purified water without the expense and hassle of packaged water - if you move residence, your local Plumm Partner Plumber can easily disconnect the system and restore the original plumbing with a minimum of fuss, leaving you with the MF-400 system ready to go into your new home!

If you have questions about our Plumm MF-400 undersink water filter or our other purifiers, give us a quick call at 1300 250 260. You may also send us an email or chat with our customer support staff. We will be happy to assist you with any of your needs. Want to learn mor about our kitchen tap filtration system? Read this blog post!


  • Filter Cartridge assembly
  • 2 cold braided pex hoses 1/2” (15mm) BSP
  • Backflow valve
  • Brass bushes and nipple


  • 1 Micron
  • Min/Max Temperature: 2-58 degrees Celsius
  • Min/Max Pressure: 200-680 kPa (kilopascal)
  • Min/Max Flow: 10 Lpm
  • Max capacity: 38,000 litres
  • Popular application: Mains/town Water
  • Full carton quantity: 6 pcs


  • Sydney metro - overnight​
  • Brisbane metro - overnight
  • Melbourne metro - overnight
  • ACT, Rural NSW - two days​
  • VIC, QLD, SA - two days​
  • WA, NT, TAS - three to four days


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