Puratap Filter Alternative

If you are looking for Puratap filter alternative, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will teach you how to get Puratap alternative that is best suited for your home.

Over the years, many Puratap users have started looking for alternative water filter systems brands. Although many users are satisfied by the product, many users also complain about all the hassles they have to go through to find replacement water filter cartridges.

“Something as easy as changing a water filter cartridge should be easy”, says Damo, a former user of Puratap. This complaint came after going through a lot of hassles when he was changing his filter cartridges.

How to Find a Puratap Filter Alternative

If you would like the flexibility of changing out your water filters at a time that suits you - not just when it suits the supplier’s schedule - or if you prefer to work with a trusted local plumber, then we can help!

Removing your existing Puratap water filter and installing a new Plumm undersink water filter doesn’t cost the earth - in most cases within a couple of years you’re saving money with each filter change.

Additionally, Plumm’s undersink filter kits are much more compact than other systems… after all, you can never have too much spare room under the sink, right?

A Great Alternative for Puratap Filters

The Plumm 400-series of under sink water filter systems are ideal Puratap filter alternatives. You can choose to run filtered water through a dedicated filter tap, through 3-way filter taps, or through your existing sink mixer.

Also, with our 24/7 online ordering portal, you can be sure that replacement cartridges are readily available with just a few clicks. The Plumm 400-series of under sink water filters are designed to reduce unwanted water particles such as dirt, sand and silt down to 1 micron. It is even even effective at reducing cysts, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

Of course, this system is brilliant for improving the taste and odour of water - very important for regions where chlorine is an issue. With a built-in scale inhibitor, the Plumm 400-series helps prevent scale build-up, which can ruin your kettles and appliances that use water.

Find a local Plumm partner plumber in your area now and get the best deals for the MF-400 undersink water filter and our other water filtration systems without going through all the hassles.


* "PURATAP" is a trademark of Puratap Pty Ltd.

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