Under Sink Inline Water Filter: Purified Water for Your Health

Under sink inline water filters provide a great solution to water safety and health concerns. Tap water quality is one of the common concerns for many Australian citizens. Although water suppliers follow strict drinking water quality guidelines, there are still occasions when residents experience cloudy or dirty water.

Water quality commonly declines due to aging pipelines. These pipelines can also be damaged due to human activities, as well as natural occurrences. Old pipelines also tend to become breeding ground for numerous cyst, bacteria and viruses.

Chlorine and other water treatment chemicals is also a major concern for many residents. Chemicals like chlorine leave taste and odour in water, which can make drinking an unpleasant experience for some people.

Solving Water Safety Concerns with Under Sink Inline Water Filter

Some people these days either use water filter jugs or benchtop water filters.  This was largely due to difficult installation and a lack of good quality inline water filter options.  Most often, these jugs and benchtop water filters are bulky, and frankly darn ugly too! They ruin the whole design of your kitchen and can be quite annoying to look at. These are among the most common reasons why under sink inline water filters are best for solving water safety concerns.

An under sink inline water filter is a great way to make sure that you are drinking clean, refreshing and healthy water. Unlike benchtop water filters and filter jugs, this water filter system is installed inside kitchen sink, so they are completely out of sight, allowing you to get filtered water from one tap, without ruining your kitchen’s ambiance.

Under sink inline water filters like the Plumm MF-400 undersink water filter are economical; in fact, a family of 4 can pay this unit off in approximately 3 months. These units also require less maintenance. Their water filter cartridge may only need to be replaced once every 12 months depending on your usage and the quality of your tap water.

Under sink water filters can eliminate different impurities tap water.  It removes chlorine and natural organic matter in water, therefore preventing the build-up of byproducts such as trihalomethanes. These water filtration systems are also designed to eliminate most cysts, bacteria and viruses, keeping your water healthy and safe. These systems are also able to improve the taste and odour of tap water.

So if your water supply is less than ideal, by running it through these filters to get it back to the way nature intended - clean, refreshing and healthy.

Check out our under sink water filters now and find out which model will fit your needs. If you are still undecided, please feel free to contact us through 1300 250 260 or our chat system. Our friendly customer support staff will be ready and happy to answer all of your questions.


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