Water Filters Australia

Searching for the best water filters in Australia can take a lot of time and effort. With so many online sellers, it can be hard to decide which one will suit you. Finally (after navigating around impressive claims of filtration that promise to do everything except hang the washing out for you) when you find one that suits you, you’re then faced with another problem – installing the water filter system.


Water Filters Australia


The team at Plumm have eliminated these problems for you. With our Plumm Partner Plumber program, all you need to do is to go to our local partner plumber and they will do the rest for you. Our partner plumbers will help you choose the best suited water filtration system for your home or office, order the system on our 24/7 online ordering portal and install it in your home quickly.


Theoretically, Australia has good drinking water quality. The Australian government has created a drinking water quality guideline to which all local governments strictly adhere. However, since some - if not most - water pipelines are quite old and susceptible to damage by natural or man-made occurrences, residents can still experience bad water quality.


Plumm water filters provides 24/7 protection from all sorts of drinking water problems. Using our advanced manufacturing equipment and techniques, we strive to create filters and water filter cartridges that are up to standards. We make use of premium grade materials such as polypropylene to improve the durability of our filters and lengthen their usage.


Our Plumm 400 Series under sink water filters will allow users to get filtered water in one tap. On the other hand, we have whole house water filter systems, which are designed to have higher flow rates to ensure that water flows smoothly throughout an entire house. Our water filter systems are designed to remove sediments and other water contaminants down to specific microns.


Choose from our water filter cartridges to reduce dirt, dust and other suspended matters in your water. We also have taste & odour water filter cartridges that can address issues concerning the taste and smell of your mains and rainwater.


Plumm water filter systems are Watermark Approved to make sure that our customers have a peace of mind. All of our Plumm water filters, filter cartridges and components are available at our 24/7 online ordering portal. Our products are stocked at the nearest warehouse to help avoid downtime.


If you are still undecided about the type of water filter cartridge or water filter system is best suited for your home, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to listen to your requirements and guide you through to the best water filter!