Water Filters Bunbury

Concerns over the quality drinking water have paved way for many residents to look for water filters in Bunbury. Although Aqwest ensures that the quality of tap water is in accordance with Australian guidelines, this water company still gets plenty of complaints from their customers.


Water Filters Bunbury


In Aqwest’s annual water quality report, the most common complaints regarding drinking water include discolouration, taste and odour. Most of the time, these complaints are due to aging or damaged pipelines.


In other cases, maintenance work to pipelines in the streets can also cause discolouration. Sometimes, human activities and natural disasters like bushfire may also lead to contamination of catchment areas.


Worried about the safety of drinking water, many of the residents look for water filters in Bunbury. If you are also looking for a reliable water filter system, try Plumm. We are a 100% owned and managed manufacturing company providing premium grade water filters in Bunbury and the entire Australian continent.


For more than 2 decades, Plumm has continuously created improvements not only to the design of our products, but also regarding their performance, durability and lifespan. Our water filtration systems are able to reduce or remove algae, dirt, rust and other water particles.


Plumm water filters are also designed to reduce chlorine and other water treatment chemicals, as well as improve the colour, taste and odour of mains water. Choose between our under sink water filters and whole house water filtration systems, depending on your needs and budget.


Our Plumm 400-Series under sink water filters provide cost-effective means to getting filtered water from one tap. In approximately 3 months, a family of 4 may be able to pay off the Plumm MF-400 undersink water filter. So, if you are on a budget, choose from our range of under sink water filtration systems.


On the other hand, if you are intent on getting filtered water from every tap of your home, then we highly recommend our whole house water filters. These filtration systems we manufactured specifically manufactured to provide high flow rates (we like decent showers too!) or more to ensure that filtered water is flowing smoothly into an entire house or building.


Being a 100% Australian owned and managed manufacturing company, we have numerous warehouses all over Australia where our water filters, water filter cartridges and water filter components are stocked in order to avoid downtime.


Our Plumm water filter systems have Watermark Approval to ensure our customers’ peace of mind. So when you think of “water filters Rockhampton or Rockhampton water filters”, order at our 24/7 online ordering portal and avoid all the stress, frustration and hassles.


If you are still undecided about the type of water filter system is ideal for your home, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to listen to your requirements and guide you through to the best water filter!