Water Filters Coffs Harbour

Are you worried about tap water in Coffs Harbour? Well, you’re not alone. Many residents look for water filters in Coffs Harbour out of concern for the quality of their tap water, even with several reports confirming that tap water is safe and useable.


Water Filters Coffs Harbour


In an October 2017 report by Coffs Coast Advocate, Coffs Harbour City Council Strategic Asset Management Glenn O’Grady has said that Coffs tap water is consistently compliant with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. Yearly drinking water provided by Coffs Harbour City Council also seems to back up this claim.


To make sure that tap water is safe, water from Karangi Dam and Shannon Creek Dam goes through water treatment in Coffs Harbour Water Treatment Plant located at Karangi. Treated water is also continuously monitored or tested to reassure the public that tap water is safe.


Even so, there are still a lot of people who feel that Coffs tap water is unsafe. In fact, in the same report, an unnamed Coffs Harbour female resident disputed the report’s claim and said that her eyes sting when she showers or cleans her face.


Water quality may be up to standards by the time it leaves the treatment plant. However, this quality declines as it passes through old pipelines. Some of these pipelines are more than 5 decades old and are prone to damage caused by natural disasters and human activities.


Apart from this, catchment areas may also become contaminated by pollution, bacteria and viruses. For this very reason, many residents are looking for water filters in Coffs Harbour to ensure that they are always drinking and using clean, refreshing water.


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