Water Filters Melton

Are you sceptical about the quality of water in your area? Well, you are not alone. This is probably the reason why many residents are looking for water filters in Melton. Nevertheless, this city in Victoria, Australia has extensive filtration methods to help keep your mains safe for drinking.


Water Filters Melton


The city of Melton gets its supply from Rosslyne reservoir and Merrimu reservoir. These reservoirs are raw and might be contaminated. In order to make it safe for people to drink from their tap, several treatment practices are performed.


These practices include filtration and chemical treatment and disinfection. Apart from purifying systems, chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride sodium carbonate and carbon dioxide are used to destroy bacteria and viruses that may live in the reservoir.


By the time water comes out of these treatment plants, it is at least 99% clean. However, that’s where it usually stops. You see, your supply will usually flow through thousands of miles of pipes. Of which, some are over 50 years old. Some of these pipes are also damaged, either by human activities or by natural disasters such as earthquakes.


As such, even with these treatments, Western Water, the main supplier in Melton, still gets about 200 to 300 customer complaints in a yearly basis. Most of these complaints involve dirty or discoloured supply, with the second being taste and odour. For these reasons, a many residents are on the search for purifiers in Melton.


Plumm, an Australian owned and managed company, has been one of the primary manufacturers of water filters in Australia. To manufacture our products, we make use of premium grade materials like polypropylene for added durability. We also utilise state-of-the-art equipment and the latest manufacturing methods for optimum performance and longer lifespan.


Pick from our line of under sink water filters and whole house filtration systems. Our under sink systems provide ideal solution for chefs and for people who are on a budget. These systems can be paid off by a family of 4 in approximately 3 months.


Our whole house water filters, meanwhile, are ideal for people who to make sure that all faucet in their house or office only spew out refreshing, pure water. These filter systems provide high flow rates to ensure that clean water runs through an entire dwelling.


Plumm also offers filter housings and cartridges which are also Watermark Approved like most of our products so as to provide our customers with a peace of mind.


Aside from our 24/7 online ordering portal, our water filters and other products are stocked in our warehouses all over Australia. Once an order has been received, we immediately despatch the order from the nearest warehouse. This saves a lot of time and prevents hassles that usually come from online stores.


Still can’t figure out which type of water filter system is right for you? Here’s a blog post that will help!  Also, you may give us a call at 1300 250 260, chat with our support staff via our chat app or send us an email and we will be happy to help you choose the best water filter for you!