Water Filters Mildura

Are you having second thoughts about the quality of your tap water? This is probably the reason why you’re looking for water filters in Mildura. This rural city’s council has committed and implemented several ways to ensure drinking quality supply to its residents.


Mildura city council has several treatment plants purely dedicated to ensuring that the tap supplied to residents are of quality standards. Aside from filtration, chemical treatments and disinfection are also implemented to make sure that sediment, dirt and also bacteria and viruses are eliminated from the supply.


Before being supplied, water is also monitored and tested to make sure that it is 99 to 100% safe for drinking, however, the problem during distribution. Once it’s cleaned and disinfected water is distributed through thousands of kilometres of pipelines, some of which are already way past 50 years old.


Old pipelines can get damaged by natural occurrences such as earthquakes and floods. Once damaged, they can cause discolouration and leave foul smell and taste to the supply. Sometimes, it can also cause contamination of bacteria such as E.coli.


One sure-fire way residents know in order to avoid experiencing these problems is by looking for water purifiers in Mildura and having one installed in their office or home.


Plumm is a 100% Australian owned and managed company that manufactures and supplies high-end water filters systems. Our team at Plumm has designed our under sink water filters and whole house systems for heavy duty performance. We used the latest manufacturing tools and techniques, as well as, high grade materials like polypropylene to make sure these systems are sturdy and longer lasting.


The Plumm 400 Series provides excellent solution for people who are on a budget. In fact, a family of 4 may probably pay off our MF-400 undersink water filter in about 3 months. Many chefs and professionals also choose our under sink water filters for the purpose of having a separate tap for filtered water.


Our line of whole house water filters are excellent for people who want filtered water flowing through an entire house. These water filter systems come with high flow rates, thereby ensuring that each tap in a structure has enough water pressure.


Plumm water filters are manufactured primarily to remove sediment, rust and other particles to make sure that your water is clean and refreshing. These systems are also designed to improve the colour, taste and odour of your tap supply.


In addition to our high-end products, our 24/7 online ordering portal provides the best way to buy water filters. All orders before 1PM EST will be immediately despatched and because we have numerous warehouses in Australia, we can despatch your order from the nearest warehouse. This saves time and eliminates all the hassles that come when you’re looking for water filters in Mildura.


Can’t decide which system to choose? Please feel free to contact us through chat or email. You may also call us at 1300 250 260 and we’ll help you decide which water filter is ideal for your home.