Water Filters Perth

If you’re searching for water filters in Perth, you’ve come to the right place!  Plumm Water works with your local Plumm Partner Plumbers to bring you quality filtration systems, installed by a plumber in Perth.


Water Filters Perth


If you’re finding a bad taste in Perth water, or want to address a chlorine smell in Perth tap water, a Plumm water filter could be just the answer.  Our customers tell us drinking water quality in Perth is often a worry; even water which meets the health standards can have a taste or odour which is unpleasant for many people.


Tap water in Perth may be sourced from dams, groundwater and desalination plants, depending on your location and the demand levels.  As a result, expensive bottled water is often purchased for drinking, which - in addition to the cost - is cumbersome (hefting heavy bottles around the home or office is in itself a risk) and also results in large amounts of plastic bottles being sent to landfill each year.


For your kitchen at home or work, Plumm 400 Series under sink water filters are excellent ways to provide cool, fresh drinking water at your sink, with minimal cost.  The time to pay off an undersink water filter system in Perth can be as little as 3 months for a 4-person household.


A common complaint about Perth water quality relates to the 'hardness' of the mains water supply, which can shorten the lifespan of appliances such as kettles, steam ovens, hot water systems etc.  The Plumm 400 Series water filters help address this by means of a built-in scale inhibitor, extending appliance life.


If water quality at other taps is a concern, a whole house water filter may be the best way to go. Plumm Water offers a range of systems, which can be customised to suit your unique requirements.


When you think "water filters Perth", think Plumm Water - Australian company, supporting your local Perth plumbers. For your peace of mind, all Plumm water filter systems are Watermark Approved.  Not sure which systems is best for your application?  Contact us today!