Water Filters Tamworth

Are you still afraid of drinking water from your tap? After finding out that their supply is contaminated by uranium in 2016, many residents have sought to use water filters in Tamworth. This despite the efforts made by the regional council, this is not enough for many consumers.


Water Filters Tamworth


Tamworth’s supply comes from 3 dams, 5 rivers and a series of local bores. Before distributing to consumers, water is cleaned using a variety of processes including coagulation and filtration. Chemical treatments like chlorination and fluoridation are also used to kill off any organism that may cause harm to your health. Water is also monitored to make sure that it is 100% safe for drinking.


But even with these processes, there are times when water can drop. One reason for this is human activities. Repairs and maintenance of pipelines cause discolouration on water. Damaged or aging pipelines can also make your water look, smell and taste differently.  To make sure that they get always clean, pure water; a lot of residents look for purifiers in Tamworth.


Plumm has supplied Tamworth and other parts of Australia with premium grade filtration systems. Our water filters are made from the finest material, using modern manufacturing techniques and equipment to ensure heavy duty performance, exceptional durability and longer lifespan.


Choose from a variety of under sink and whole house water filters. Our under sink filtration systems are great for chefs or for people who want to have a separate tap for filtered water. These under sink water filters are also ideal for people who are on a budget. In fact, the MF-400 undersink water filter can be paid off by a family of 4 in approximately 3 months.


Our whole house water filters, on the other hand, are suitable if the user wants to get filtered water on every tap in his home. These filtration systems have higher flow rates than under sink water filters to ensure that there is enough water pressure in every tap of your home.


As a 100% Australian owned and managed manufacturing company, Plumm have numerous warehouses all over Australia where we stock our systems and filter cartridges. Our 24/7 online ordering portal offers quick, hassle-free transactions and all orders before 1PM EST are despatched the same day and orders over $50 are delivered for free!


If you haven’t decided on which water filter is suitable for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us through chat or email. You may also call us at 1300 250 260. Our customer support staff is always ready to help you choose the best system that suits your needs and fit your budget.