Water Filters Toowoomba

In 2017, Toowoomba won the Best Tap Water in Australia competition. But despite this, many people are still looking for water filters in Toowoomba to make sure that their tap water is always clean and refreshing. Some residents are also looking for water purifiers in Toowoomba to address the unpleasant smell and taste of treated water.


Water Filters Toowoomba


We at Plumm, manufacture premium grade water filter systems and components that can meet your needs. We have under sink water filters that will let you get filtered water from one tap. While our whole house filter systems are created to help you get filtered water from every tap inside your home.


Plumm under sink filters and whole house water filters are built to provide exemplary performance and superb durability. Our water filter systems are able to withstand up to 880 kPa and work well in temperatures ranging 0-57 degrees Celsius.


Our water filters are designed to remove sediments, rust, dirt, etc. down to 1, 5, 10 or 20 micron and improve the smell and taste of your tap water. We also manufacture water filter cartridges, tapware and other components for your filter system.


Find a Plumm partner plumber in your area and get rid of all the stress associated with looking for water filter system in Toowoomba. Our partner plumber can help you pic the most compatible filter system for you, order it from our 24/7 online ordering portal and install it into your home. This can help you save a lot of your time, money and effort to get a filter system that is best suited for you.


Plumm Water is a 100% Australian owned and managed manufacturing company with numerous warehouses in Australia.  Plumm water filters are Watermark Approved to make sure that our customers have a peace of mind. So when you think of “water filters Toowoomba or Toowoomba water filters”, remember Plumm Water.


If you are still undecided about the type of filtration system is best suited for your home, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to listen to your requirements and guide you through to the best water filter!