Water Filters Townsville

Many people are looking for water filters in Townsville, despite this city usually having reasonable quality drinking water. Townsville tap water comes from 2 dams and 2 weirs, which is treated in 3 different water treatment plants namely including Douglas WTP, Northern WTP and Giru WTP. The treated water then travels through 2,585 km of water distribution mains.


Water Filters Townsville


Based on Townsville council reports, about 40 to 60 residents complain about dirty drinking water, and an average of 10 to 30 complaints about the taste and odour of drinking water are being received every year.


Old or damaged pipes are the common reasons for dirty drinking water. Repairs and maintenance may also affect the quality of tap water from time to time. While the smell and taste of drinking water are commonly due to the chlorine and fluoride. Because of these reasons, many residents insist on water purifiers in Townsville, to give consistency.


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Both of our water filter systems are designed to remove dirt, sand, sediment and other particles that can cause health issues. They are also manufactured to address the taste and smell issues of tap water.


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