Water Filters Traralgon - Morwell

Are you sceptical about the quality of your tap water? Do you think that your tap is not clean enough for you to drink? Well you are not alone in this. A lot of people are not at ease with their tap water supply, which is the reason why, there are many people looking for water filters in Traralgon – Morwell.


Water Filters Traralgon - Morwell


Traralgon tap water has improved over the years. To supply residents with clean water, Gippsland Water, the main distributor of tap water in Traralgon, employs a number of treatments which include fluoridation, coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, disinfection and granular filtration. All of these techniques have been proven to be very effective in creating clean, pure water.


But the problem mainly lies once distribution has started. As you may already know, water goes through a network of pipelines, some of which are already quite old. Some pipelines also get damaged during the distribution because of natural occurrences.


Human activities such as diggings and street repairs may also damage old pipes. And lastly, repairs and maintenance of old or damaged pipelines may also cause discolouration, foul odour and taste on your supply.  To make sure that they always get clean, refreshing water, many residents look for purifiers in Traralgon.


Plumm is one of the top suppliers of water filter systems in Morwell and the entire Australian continent. We are a 100% Australian owned and managed manufacturing company with warehouses all over Australia.


Our team at Plumm has designed under sink water filters and whole house filtration systems. Our water filters were designed using the latest manufacturing tools and techniques for superb performance. We also make use of only the best materials such as polypropylene to add durability and for longer lifespan of our filtration systems.


Our Plumm 400 Series provide an affordable solution for people who are on the budget. These filtration systems can be paid off by a family of 4 in more or less 3 months. These systems, specially our MF-400 undersink water filter, are also the top choice for chefs or professionals who want to have a separate tap for filtered water.


Plumm whole house water filters are great for when you want every tap in your house to have filtered water. These filtration systems are designed to offer higher flow rates than under sink systems to ensure that there is enough water pressure in every tap of your home.


Order your Plumm water filter system at or 24/7 online ordering portal for quick, hassle-free transaction. All online orders before 1PM EST are despatched the same day. We will despatch your order from the nearest warehouse for fast delivery.


If you haven’t decided on which water filter system is suitable for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us through chat or email. You may also call us at 1300 250 260. Our customer support staff is always ready to help you choose the best system that suits your needs and fit your budget. You may also check our FAQ’s page to learn more about our water filters and our other products!