Water Filters Wagga Wagga

Having a hard time looking for water filters in Wagga Wagga? Then today’s your lucky day. Many residents of Wagga Wagga are not keen on drinking from their tap. But it’s not because its supplier is incapable of providing clean, pure water.


Water Filters Wagga Wagga


In fact, this city’s mains supply goes through rigorous treatment before it gets to residents and offices. Treatments such as filtration, chemical treatment and disinfections are done to ensure that the supply is safe for drinking.


Fluoride, chlorine and sodium carbonate are among the few disinfection chemicals used for these treatments; all of which have been studied and has proven that they are effective in killing bacteria and viruses that may be present in the supply. Monthly monitoring of different samples from the reservoir to the plants is constantly being performed.


The problem actually lies once the supply comes out of the treatment plant. Pipelines that run thousands of kilometres underneath the city are quite old, with some even reaching over 50 years. These old pipes can get damaged by natural causes like floods, which sometimes occur in Wagga Wagga.


In addition, all the repairs, maintenance and upgrades of street and city pipes, many residents experience getting discoloured, and odd tasting and smelling water from their taps. In order to ensure that their supply is clean and safe for drinking, many of these residents tend to look for purifiers in Wagga Wagga.


Plumm has been one of the top suppliers of water filters in Australia. We manufacture premium grade products using the latest manufacturing tools and techniques to ensure that our products meet quality standards. Because we care about our clients, we also make use of materials like polypropylene to add durability and lifespan to our water filter systems.


Our under sink water filters are a common choice for chefs or people who want to have a separate tap for filters water. Plumm 400 Series models are also a great solution for families who are on a budget. In fact, a family of 4 may be able to pay off our MF-400 undersink water filter in approximately 3 months.


Plumm whole house water filters are ideal for clients who would like to get filtered water from every tap in their house or building. These filtration systems have high flow rates to ensure that you get enough water pressure in each tap.


Our team at Plumm have also manufactured filter cartridges and housings. This makes it easier for our clients to find replacements when it’s time to change their water filter cartridges.


Plumm water filter systems are Watermark Approved to ensure peace of mind. Our products are stocked in our warehouses all over Australia. Once an order has been received from our 24/7 online ordering portal, we immediately despatch the order from the nearest warehouse. This saves a lot of time and prevents hassles that usually come from online stores.


Are you concerned about carbon fines in filtration systems? This blog post will help!  You may give us a call at 1300 250 260, chat with our support staff via our chat app or send us an email and we will be happy to help you choose the best water filter for you!