Under sink water filters

Looking for an under sink water filter? 

The Plumm Water 400-Series range of filtration system gives you more choice!

If you're not happy with the way your tap supply tastes and smells, these high flow filtration systems are the way to go for reducing chlorine in your drinking water.   If you're concerned about 'nasties' such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium, the 400-Series also addresses that.  Swallowing some sediment (such as rust or dirt) due to dirty pipes or low tap quality?  These systems purify down to 1 micron, so they address that too!

Customers love the flexibility of these water filter systems, because you can choose from a dedicated purifier tap, a elegant contemporary or traditional three-way mixer, or you can simply use your existing mixer tap and filter all the cold water, without any extra holes in the bench or sink!  

Delivery for these systems is absolutely free throughout Australia, as with all orders over $50.  We're an Australian company and hold these systems in stock ready for prompt despatch.  

They install simply, out of sight and once installed they will provide you and your family with the benefit of unlimited pure water from your own home.  Instead of a bulky twin undersink water filter, these are super-compact, saving you space in the cupboard under the sink.  Importantly, our RC-400 replacement cartridges are brilliant value, so there's no nasty surprise when it comes time to swap over to new cartridges.

Plumm water filters are safer too, because all our filter housings are WaterMark approved, which is required by law.  If you use a non-WaterMark approved system and it fails, insurance companies in many cases can choose not to cover the damage.

Undersink Systems and Whole House Water Filters are a brilliant way to help your family, friends and colleagues to stay healthy! You will also like our whole house UV water filters, which can destroy 99.99% of bacteria in drinking water.

P.S. While you're on our site, find a local plumber to install your filtration system!  Our Plumm Partner Plumbers are a great choice for fast and efficient filter installation.


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