Whole House Water Filter Installation Tips

When it comes to whole house water filter installation, every plumber wants to do it perfectly. Here are some tips you may want to consider to make sure that your installation goes smoothly.

Whole House Water Filter Installation Tip #1: Don't skimp on the size and quality of the system to save a few dollars. Undersized systems result in expensive callbacks and unhappy residents - use the largest system that's practical for your application.

Whole House Water Filter Installation Tip #2: Protect yourself and the client - ensure that the whole house water filter is WaterMark approved before commencing the installation. If it has a WaterMark license, it must have these details shown on the system... insurance generally won't cover failure of a non-WaterMarked product. Aside from making sure that the water filter has passed a number of requirements and has been tested in accordance with Australian quality standards, it will also give the user peace of mind.

Whole House Water Filter Installation Tip #3: The location of the system is often dictated by the position of the water supply to the building, but it’s best to locate your installation away from the strongest sun. This will help keep your water temperature down during summer, and helps prohibit the proliferation of algae and bacteria.

Whole House Water Filter Installation Tip #4: Make sure that there is sufficient clearance between the ground and the bottom of your filter housing. A good rule of thumb is to allow at least 150mm space.

Whole House Water Filter Installation Tip #5: Ensure you have a shut-off valve and backflow valve before the water filter system. This will allow the user to control the flow rate of water to the system without turning off a pump or water meter.

Whole House Water Filter Installation Tip #6: Keep the inlet and outlet pipes as large as practical in order to maintain good flow rates. Some users complain that their water flow rate becomes lower after having a whole house filter installed. So as to make sure you don’t have complaints like this, where possible install larger pipes to minimise friction loss.

Whole House Water Filter Installation Tip #7: Make sure to use adequate fixings when installing a whole house water filter. Aside from the weight of the water filtration system, remember that therecould be up to 40kg of additional weight when the system is full of water.

Whole House Water Filter Installation Tip #8: Before installing the whole house water filter, make sure to shut off the water supply. It's a good idea to check the washing machine, dishwasher etc isn't part-way through a cycle before shutting off the water!

Whole House Water Filter Installation Tip #9: During installation, make sure that the water goes into the sediment filter before the carbon filter. Aside from getting optimum filtration effect, the taste and odour water filter cartridge may also last longer.

Check out our whole house water filter systems now and find out which model will fit your needs. If you are still undecided, please feel free to contact us through 1300 250 260 or our chat system. Our friendly customer support staff will be ready and happy to answer all of your questions regarding our water filters.

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